Bethlehem vehicle thieves caught in Lesotho

Another Toyota Hilux was recovered, but this time two suspects were caught near the Lesotho Border following a theft in Bethlehem on Friday afternoon.

Hugo de Villiers, Afrisist recovery manager, said the vehicle was recovered on Friday after Butha Buthe, Lesotho.

The Toyota Hilux was hijacked in Bethlehem early friday morning after which the owner called Afrisist to inform that the vehicle was stolen during a home invasion in Bethlehem.

Our (Afrisist) emergency room activated the response unit on a tracking signal received from the GPS device installed in the vehicle. Ground teams from both South Africa and Lesotho were activated.

Two male suspects were apprehended during the successful recovery of the vehicle.

The vehicle was found near Butha Buthe in Lesotho and the vehicle with the suspects were taken by the local authorities.