One suspect arrested in connection with Stolen Toyota Etios!

Contact received from a client informing that one of their vehicles may have been stolen in Pretoria West. The client requested that we dispatch our ground team to go out as the validity of the incident could not be confirmed as they were unable to establish contact with the driver of the vehicle and the location provided by the tracking device was not where the vehicle was meant to be.

Contact established with our Gauteng reaction team in the vicinity closest to the vehicle. The team was informed of the possible incident and agreed to commence once all the information was received.

Call received from the client informing that he could still not make contact with the driver. The client was advised that our ground units were en-route to the last reported location of the vehicle. An ETA of 20 minutes was provided depending on traffic in the area.

Confirmation received from the ground team informing they had arrived on scene and would begin a grid search of the area as the vehicle was not at the last reported co-ordinates. The agents informed there were no signs of the tracking device either, but had received a tip off that the vehicle had been spotted in Atteridgeville so they were heading out to investigate.

Information received from the ground team advising that their informants were providing constant feedback regarding the vehicle. The agents were in pursuit in an attempt to intercept the vehicle. Control was requested to make contact with Centurion SAPS to assist with the interception.

Contact established with members of the Centurion SAPS. Members noted down all the details related to the incident and requested assistance and control informed that a follow up call would be made from members patrolling.

Call received from one of the agents informing that they had spotted the vehicle and were in the process of intercepting. Control was also informed that additional recovery assets were on scene assisting with the incident at hand. Agents requested a call back in 5 minutes.

Made contact with the ground team who informed the vehicle had been recovered and one suspect was in custody. Control was informed that SAPS members were on scene too and the vehicle would be impounded after a crime scene investigation was concluded. All ground units were instructed to complete a hand over and stand down.