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Afrisist offers a wide array of comprehensive services for our clients because we know that one size does not fit all. These services are aimed at protecting assets, providing peace of mind, as well as increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty. Our customers’ success stems from our tailor made solutions and hands on approach. Our team of experts partner with you to ensure that your clients are always covered and protected nationwide, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • With an understanding of various tracking units in the field, our staff adapt effectively and efficiently to your needs. Our operators and nationwide ground teams, including cross-border teams and air support, are able to navigate any software to track your field units and recover your assets.

  • We provide secure vehicle escorts for logistic companies when transporting high-value goods that may be subject to tampering, theft or hijacking. With our versatile network of recovery agents and surveillance teams we bring peace of mind for our clients nationwide from departure to final destination.

  • Our Safeguarding Services have been extremely popular with our fleet and transport companies. Our strategically placed armed guards can secure transport vehicles that require freight protection due to a breakdown, accident or load-shifts.

  • With our outstanding network and nationwide coverage, we are able to manage a accident scene from A to Z. Our relationships include medical emergency, towing, safeguarding and spillage services to name a few, thus ensuring that your real-time road side emergency needs are met.

    Our qualified staff and hands-on approach will ensure that all aspects of the emergency are handled on your behalf and can provide an insurance approved incident report.

  • From standard exception alarm monitoring to video fleet management, our high-tech control room and professionally trained operators are geared to handle it all. Based on our clients growing requirements, we have revolutionised the proactive risk control monitoring sector, including driver violation monitoring, unauthorised stopping, geo-fencing or speeding (to name a few).

    Whether you own a fleet or only one vehicle, our Control Room is consistent and efficient in handling alarms and contacting your clients.

  • With extensive experience in national and international call centre services, we are able to provide our clients with tailor made business optimization solutions that meet their unique requirements. Outsourcing your non-core services enables your business to increase customer relations while reducing costs and staffing burdens.

    BPO gives an organization the freedom to focus on its core operations, and operational growth increases when capital resources and asset expenditures are not required, which avoids problematic investment returns.